Structural Testing

Structural testing is an integral part of the modern construction industry, whether it be proving individual components or materials are fit for purpose or load testing novel or existing structures. Structural testing can be carried out to established standards to demonstrate adequate performance or can be more customized, for example for new products during development or for certification prior to a product launch.

Full size structures may require testing in a design by test situation or in the development of novel designs or to demonstrate that an existing building can continue to meet modern standards possibly after a change of use.

We offer a range of customized testing equipment to test novel products or structural issues which are/are not covered in current guidelines.


Load Frame

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Servo Hydraulic Actuator

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Controller & Software

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Data Acquisition System

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Hydraulic Power Station & 
Service Manifold

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Customization and Retrofit

Attentive service is the core value of Popwil. Referring to world’s first class equipment solutions and the future plan of the laboratory construction, according to their current needs, Popwil always offer our customer with customized and suitable solution from laboratory planning, joint designing to a specific testing equipment either upgrading or totally new one.

Laboratory Planning

Has main entrepreneurs with more than 30 years experience in R&D of material and structure testing equipment, Popwil has doing laboratory planning, constructing and upgrading for more than 15 years and gained good reputation in this industry.

Customized Testing Equipment

Based on the domain knowledge and experience, customer’s existing conditions and requests, Popwil is good at offering customized special testing equipments to meet their individualized needs at a good price/performance ratio.

Joint Design and Development

Popwil has a good engineer team with excellent communication skills and cooperation sense. These characteristics are reflected perfectly in the process of joint design and development of new testing method or equipment with customers.

Equipment Upgrade

Popwil has developed advanced technologies for upgrading the existing high-value equipment such as the old generation of structure testing system, dynamic and static universal testing machine and heavy load hydraulic press machine.