About Us

At Novatiq, our purpose is clear and meaningful: we are dedicated to elevating our clients in the domain of advanced testing. Driven by innovation and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we position ourselves as a reliable ally in the specialized testing systems sector. Our ambition is to demystify the intricate landscape of testing, enabling our clients to concentrate on their primary objective: producing outcomes that positively shape society.

What differentiates Novatiq is our comprehensive approach to every project. Our skilled in-house team collaborates with industry leaders to ensure our testing systems are both technologically up-to-date and relevant to real-world needs. We believe that the success of a testing project lies in the balance of thoughtful design and meticulous execution.

At Novatiq, we see ourselves not just as solution providers but as partners in progress. Our focus is on supporting our clients in achieving their testing objectives efficiently and effectively. With a consistent commitment to quality and a drive to contribute to a safer and more innovative world, Novatiq holds a distinct position in the specialized testing systems field.

Solutions We Provide

Civil Engineering Structure Testing System

Multi-functional Civil Structure Testing System

Definition and Purpose: In the realm of civil engineering, understanding how structures respond to external forces is paramount. While many rely on computer-simulated analyses, Novatiq takes a hands-on approach. We specialize in actual physical load test simulations, providing real-world insights into how structures bear weight and respond to various pressures. This hands-on testing is vital for ensuring the safety, durability, and functionality of structures, guaranteeing they meet and exceed local building codes and specifications.

Types of Structures: Civil engineering is vast and diverse, encompassing structures like buildings, bridges, towers, arches, and cables. Fundamental to these are structural members such as beams, columns, tension structures, frames, and trusses. Each has its unique role, shape, and function, and at Novatiq, we ensure that these members are tested rigorously in real-world scenarios.

Physical Load Test Simulations: At Novatiq, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive testing setups, meticulously tailored to the unique requirements of each civil engineering project. We don't just predict; we simulate, applying actual loads and forces to structures to assess their integrity, resilience, and load-bearing capacities. Our approach ensures that critical structures are not only safe and reliable but also prepared for the challenges of the real world.

Hydraulic Engineering Testing Systems

Wave making in water flume

Hydraulic Engineering Test Systems
In the vast domain of hydraulic engineering, the real-world behavior of water and its intricate interactions with structures and environments is a subject of both wonder and challenge. At Novatiq, we pride ourselves on our hands-on approach, offering cutting-edge Hydraulic Engineering Test Systems that physically simulate and analyze water dynamics in various scenarios.

Physical Simulation – The Core of Novatiq:
While many in the industry lean towards computer-simulated models, Novatiq stands distinct with our commitment to physical simulation. We believe that true insights emerge from real-world, tangible interactions, and our test systems are designed to bring these interactions to the forefront.

Our Specialized Systems:

Water Flumes: Our precision-engineered water flumes provide a tangible environment for studying phenomena like open channel flow and sediment transport. These channels, built with meticulous attention to detail, offer a firsthand look at water's behavior and interactions.

Wave Makers: At Novatiq, our wave makers are more than just equipment; they are gateways to understanding the might and rhythm of waves. By physically generating waves of specific frequencies and amplitudes, we allow researchers to witness and study wave-structure dynamics in real-time.

Wave Basins: Our expansive wave basins are arenas of discovery. Simulating real-world wave conditions, they provide a canvas for researchers to observe the impact of waves on various structures, from coastal defenses to offshore platforms.

Novatiq's Dedication:
Hydraulic engineering is not just a field of study at Novatiq; it's a passion. Our Hydraulic Engineering Test Systems are a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible. By focusing on physical simulations, we aim to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world applications.

Aerodynamic Testing Systems

Plane model aerodynamic testing in hypersonic wind tunnel

Aerodynamic Test Systems
Aerodynamics, the study of air's interaction with solid objects, is a nuanced field. At Novatiq, we delve into this domain, providing Aerodynamic Test Systems that emphasize physical over digital simulations.

The Novatiq Difference:
While many lean on digital models, we value the authenticity of hands-on testing. Our systems, grounded in this approach, offer a genuine glimpse into aerodynamic intricacies.

Wind Tunnel Testing:
As a cornerstone of our Aerodynamic Test Systems, our wind tunnels are more than just equipment; they are arenas of discovery. From subsonic to hypersonic speeds, our tunnels cater to a vast spectrum of aerodynamic studies. Whether it's an aircraft model or a sports equipment prototype, our wind tunnels provide a window into the world of airflow, forces, and performance.

Applications Across Industries:
Aerodynamics is not confined to just aerospace or automotive sectors. At Novatiq, we cater to a myriad of industries, from civil engineering, where building designs are optimized against wind loads, to sports, where every second counts, and equipment design can make all the difference.

Our Vision:
At Novatiq, we view aerodynamics as an evolving journey. Our systems reflect our commitment to deepening understanding and fostering innovation in this field, bridging the gap between theory and tangible experience.

Seismic Isolator Dynamic Testing System

Seismic Isolator Dynamic Test Systems
In the world of earthquake engineering, the resilience of structures is paramount. Novatiq offers Seismic Isolator Dynamic Test Systems, designed with precision to align with established testing standards for seismic isolators.

A Tangible Approach:
At Novatiq, we value hands-on testing. While digital simulations have their place, our belief is that real-world testing offers unparalleled insights. Our systems are a testament to this philosophy, providing a genuine environment for evaluating seismic isolators.

Hydraulic Driven Actuators:
Our systems utilize hydraulic driven actuators, tailored to meet the exacting standards set for seismic isolator testing. This ensures that our tests are both thorough and relevant.

We understand the significance of industry standards. Our test systems are designed with these benchmarks in mind, ensuring that isolators evaluated with our equipment are ready for real-world challenges.

Novatiq's Vision:
Our goal is simple: to enhance the field of earthquake engineering through rigorous and authentic testing. With our Seismic Isolator Dynamic Test Systems, we aim to contribute to a future where structures stand resilient against seismic events.

Material Testing Systems

Mechanical Material Testing Systems
In the intricate world of materials, understanding their silent tales of strength, resilience, and limits is paramount. At Novatiq, we specialize in unveiling these narratives through our Mechanical Material Testing Systems.

Deep Dive into Mechanical Properties:
Materials communicate their potential and boundaries through various mechanical attributes. Our systems are designed to listen intently, capturing insights on tensile strength, compressive resilience, elasticity, fatigue behavior, impact toughness, hardness, and shear resistance.

Versatility and Relevance:
The mechanical properties of materials subtly influence a myriad of industries, from aerospace to construction. Novatiq's systems are crafted to resonate with this vast spectrum, ensuring that the insights derived are both relevant and actionable.

Our Approach:
At Novatiq, we believe that materials are more than just substances; they are reservoirs of stories waiting to be discovered. Our Mechanical Material Testing Systems are our tools of exploration, ensuring that each material's mechanical tale is both heard and optimized for its intended application.

Safety, Quality, and Innovation:
By understanding these mechanical properties, Novatiq empowers engineers, designers, and industries to make informed decisions. This not only ensures the safety and reliability of structures and products but also fosters innovation, driving the boundaries of what's possible.

Seismic Testing Systems

6 DOF Seismic Shake Table

Seismic Test Systems
In the ever-evolving world of civil engineering, understanding and preparing for the unpredictable forces of nature is paramount. At Novatiq, we recognize the profound impact of seismic events and the potential devastation they can bring. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to pioneering advanced Seismic Test Systems that go beyond mere predictions.

Purpose and Significance:
Earthquakes, with their unpredictable nature and immense force, pose a significant threat to structures worldwide. Novatiq's Seismic Test Systems are designed to simulate and evaluate the real-world performance of structures under seismic conditions. Our focus isn't just on understanding the response but ensuring that structures remain resilient, safe, and functional during and after seismic events.

Physical Simulation – The Novatiq Difference:
While many in the industry rely on computer-simulated analyses, Novatiq stands apart with our commitment to physical simulation. Our state-of-the-art Shake Table Tests provide real-time insights, placing actual structures or components on a table that replicates earthquake motions. This hands-on approach offers a tangible understanding of how structures will respond, allowing for more accurate assessments and modifications.

Applications and Benefits:
From residential buildings to expansive bridges, our Seismic Test Systems cater to a wide range of structures. We also delve deep into the performance of non-structural components and the behavior of various construction materials under seismic conditions. By partnering with Novatiq:
- Ensure the safety of structures during seismic events.
- Achieve compliance with stringent building codes related to seismic design.
- Attain cost-efficiency by pinpointing potential issues before they escalate, saving on post-construction modifications and repairs.

Leading the Way with Advanced Systems:
Novatiq's Seismic Test Systems are not just about equipment; they represent our dedication to excellence. Equipped with cutting-edge sensors and data acquisition tools, we provide detailed, accurate analyses, ensuring that structures are not only built to last but also to protect.