Structural Testing

Hydraulic Power Station & Service Manifold

Hydraulic power station (HPS) is also called hydraulic power system. It is used to produce the high-pressure fluid which is controlled by electro-hydraulic eervo system through a servo valve to perform the operation of a testing system. Popwil has various models of HPS mainly divided by their flow rates.

HPS with flow rate from 3L/min to 30L/min is usually used in Static, Quasi-static testing system. All components are integrated into one standalone unit and can be easily connected to the testing system.

HPS with flow rate above 30L/min is usually used in complex structural test which may have vertical loading actuators, both quasi-static and quasi-dynamic actuators, and sometime with dynamic actuators.The hydraulic distributor is used to divide the high pressure oil from HPS into different hydraulic circuit to drive different actuators with independent High-Low pressure switching and protection.

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Hydraulic Power Station

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Hydraulic Service Manifold

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