Geotechnical Engineering Testing System

Precision Model Box For Centrifuge

Centrifuge is a special equipment for generating hypergravity field. The environment of hypergravity field is mainly used for geotechnical research of large scale model. Because the load that the centrifuge can carry is limited and the model box needs to work in a high gravity environment, the special model box for the centrifuge not only needs to have sufficient strength and rigidity, good sealing performance, but also needs to reduce weight as much as possible.

Popwil company provides aluminum alloy model boxes with water-sealing performance under 500G under gravity environment, special alloy model boxes with ultra-high strength requirements, and matching loading systems.

Typical Setup (Design can be customized)

Technical Specifications

  • Composition:
    Precision-machined, high-strength, lightweight model box with corresponding load frame.
  • Model box size: designed according to the actual needs of users.
  • Model box structure: high-strength and lightweight alloy processing and assembly, can be sealed design according to needs.
  • Equipped with a lightweight and high-strength loading frame for load simulation in high gravity environments, designed according to the specific requirements of the test.