Geotechnical Engineering Testing System

Open Type Model Box & Composite Portal Frame

An open type model box means that one or more sides of the box especially the top of the box are opened or can be opened in order to facilitate the simulated boundary conditions such as slope, foundation pits, tunnels, underground spaces and specimen such as stake, subgrade, or culvert etc. Usually, the top surface, sometime including the sides of the model box is used to arrange the loading actuators in order to apply ground stress and external load to the specimen.

The loading frame is arranged to surround the model box to balance the reaction load of the actuators which are used to simulate boundary conditions and apply force on the specimen.

Typical Setup (Design can be customized)

Technical Specifications

  • Composition:
    An open type model box and surrounding loading frame.
  • Internal space:
    Width: 1m ~ 5m
    Length: 1m ~ 15m
    Depth: 1m ~ 8m
  • Loading method: one-way or three-way servo-controlled multi-point loading
  • Can be equipped with seepage and water level control devices
  • Model box size and function can be customized according to user needs.