Seismic Testing

Motion Platform

Motion tables are shake tables which typically have large displacement capacities (up to ±1 m and up to ±40 degrees) and operate at lower frequencies (typically below 2 Hz). These devices are used for simulating ship motions in heavy seas, aircraft maneuvers, and wind induced building motion. These tables can be electric or hydraulic actuator-driven and have 1 to 6 degrees of freedom (DOF).

For 6DOF system the large linear and angular table displacements are surge, heave, sway, pitch, roll, and yaw.  The ANCO TRIREME software is used for monitoring and control the nonlinear geometrical processes.  Ample software safety checks are in place to prevent unstable kinematic conditions.

3-DOF Flight Simulator for Missile Guidance System Evaluation

6 DOF motion table for ship wave action simulation and for investigation the effect of earthquake long period motions on GPS sensors.