Geotechnical Engineering Testing System

Load Frame Integrated Model Box

The open style model box is generally used to simulate the boundary conditions of underground or shallow surface underground engineering. The ground stress of deep underground projects such as mines and tunnels will far exceed the carrying capacity of the open style model box. In order to simulate the ground stress of about 1-10 MPa, Generally, the model box and the load frame adopt an integrated design, which is called a load frame integrated model box.

The picture shows the load frame integrated model box design of the three-dimensional physical model test system for the excavation process of large-scale deep engineering. The system can be used to simulate the formation pressure, realize the three-dimensional loading of the formation stress in two horizontal directions that are perpendicular to each other, and simulate the interaction of various engineering structures such as roadways, tunnels, subways, chambers, and small-scale slopes mechanical effect.

Typical Setup (Design can be customized)

Technical Specifications

  • Composition:
    The combined load frame forms an integrated model box with a frame prestressing locking system and a frame separation auxiliary device.
  • Test space: 500 x 500 x 500 ~ 2000 x 2000 x 2000, can be designed according to the actual needs of users.
  • Surface load actuator can realize layered and step loading.
  • Can realize 24-hour electro-hydraulic servo load control.
  • With a long-term automatic load retention system for up to one year.
  • Surface load actuators can be replaced with electro-hydraulic servo dynamic actuators as needed to achieve dynamic burst load simulation.
  • Surface stress application range: 0.1MPa ~ 10MPa.
  • Model box form and size can be designed according to user requirements.