Seismic Testing


Geo-centrifuges are used for physical modeling of scaled civil structures embedded in soils. This is achieved by scaling time, displacement, and acceleration by the scale factor or the inverse of the scale factor. These centrifuges can be equipped with video imagining and failure line detection, pneumatic actuators, and seismic shake tables. The ANCO software program, CENTRIVIEW, provides for PC-based control and data acquisition.

Geo-centrifuge with basket mounted, biaxial, earthquake shake table. For scale model testing of structures embedded in soil or rock. Centrifuge capacity is 450g-ton. Static acceleration (scaling factor) up to 100g. Horizontal dynamic acceleration up to 40g. Vertical dynamic acceleration up to 20g. Frequency range up to 250Hz. 180 channel data acquisition and control system. Uses dual servo hydraulic actuators.

ANCO offers four sizes of the geo-centrifuges for student teaching and research, as well as large scale research grade geo-boxes.

Payload can be integrated with hydraulic shake table.